Lets Aim for Peace Together

We only reflect on peace when something tragic happens in our communities but it is something we should focus on daily.  This Saturday September 17 the Bangor and surrounding communities will come together to reflect on peace and reconciliation. The End Violence Together rally scheduled from 1 to 4 p.m. at West Market Square in Bangor […]

Violence: A Cultural Problem

It is no surprise that the hot-button issue of gun control has unfortunately escalated into a nationwide pandemic given the events of the last few months. Gun violence and misuse has now been attributed to the loss of well over 60 Americans so far this summer.[1] Last month, Augusta residents experienced first-hand exactly how deep […]

Structural Violence and the American Experiment

From the comfort of my home in this peaceful region of the world I find myself reflecting on the most recent incidents of violence that shook the core of American culture and identity. What happened in Louisiana, Minnesota, and Dallas is another cycle of violence in a series of racial confrontations between whites and non-whites. […]

How Does ‘Brexit’ Impact Maine?

Britons will go to the polls this week to decide whether or not the United Kingdom should continue to be part of the European Union (EU). At stake is about 13 percent of the EU’s consumers and close to 15 percent of its economic output.[1] The outcome could threaten the long-term stability of the EU […]

Nestlé, May We Drink Our Water?

Last time we discussed the privatization of our energy and its current duopoly in the hands of two foreign corporations.[1] Now we have to talk about the slow and incremental privatization of water in our state and the rising power and influence of the Swiss giant, Nestlé. Globalization critics often center their attention on transnational […]

The Glocal Realities of Energy in Maine

Emera Incorporated from Halifax, Nova Scotia is my home energy supplier. The other influential energy supplier in our state is Central Maine Power Company, now owned by AVANGRID Inc. This Spanish energy company, recently created by the joint venture of Iberdrola USA and UIL Holdings Corporation, now supplies and provides energy services to 2.7 million […]

HOPE Festival – Art and Social Change

The global and local dynamics generated by our current globalized system have had social, economic, political, cultural, and environmental implications that have changed our lives. We are now part of an international economic experiment that is altering how humans connect not only to one another but also to their surrounding environment. Even our relation with […]

Globalization and the Impact on U.S. Politics

The tensions from the right and from the left continue to rise, political rallies are turning violent and constituents are becoming more polarized as the presidential primary elections unfold. This is no longer the status quo politics of the last thirty years, it does not even compare to the tensions and splits of the anti-war […]

The New Africa

This year’s Camden Conference topic, The New Africa, addressed a timely subject that has come up frequently in our media. National sources assign various titles that objectify Africa, and lack a critical element: the viewpoint of the African people. They are often skewed in their representation of the scenarios within African countries, as well as […]