Maine and its Marijuana Market

This blog was originally posted on Points: The Blog of the Alcohol & Drugs History Society. Back in November of 2016 the people of Maine voted in favor of a referendum that legalized medical and recreational marijuana.  The medical marijuana market took off quickly, but recreational marijuana regulatory structures slowed down the process for those interested […]

Welcome China: How Things have Changed Since McCarthyism

Seventy years ago the nation was engulfed in the paranoia of McCarthyism; the “Second Red Scare” reminded Americans that there was no room for communism in the United States.  It is ironic that, today, the American economy is incrementally dependent on China, a country with a communist government and a market-driven economy.  This outcome, incrementally […]

Global-Local Dilemma of the NBA

The recent public relations dilemma faced by the National Basketball Association (NBA) after Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey’s pro-democracy tweet, earlier in October, revealed the internal conflict currently experienced by the NBA as it transitions from a local to a global product.  Basketball games, the epicenter of the show, at the end represents the […]

The Local-Global Dynamics of Salmon

While media focuses on the Tariff War between the United States and China, locally, Nordic Aquafarms, faces non-tariff protectionism that hinders the economic development of Belfast, and for that matter the State of Maine.  We are not talking about non-tariff protectionist strategies such as import quotas, licensing requirements or robust government procurement regulations, but environmental […]

Welcome to Maine: Open for International Business

The nature of this blog is to build awareness about the interconnectivity and interdependence that has emerged, in this era of globalization, between local economies and the global market system.  I am a strong believer that local economies like Maine’s will increasingly become more intertwined with the global market system, and less dependent on the […]

China: This is not your Century

Late in February I was fortunate to attend the Camden Conference together with more than sixty students from the University of Maine system.  This year’s theme, “Is this China’s Century?” presented many favorable views that supported the thesis that China was going to surpass the United States economically and therefore become the next superpower of […]

I am a Product of Globalization

Before the internationalists, protectionists, and nationalists coined the word “globalization,” Americans like my father were carving out the path for the integration of international markets and the expansion of consumer cultures across the world.  I research and write about the dynamics of globalization and the links between the local and the global because, subconsciously, I […]

Post-NAFTA, Bush, and Other Stuff

Last week’s events have shed light on several issues, including the dynamics of U.S.-Canadian relations, global international trade, and the American presidency.  The past and the present continue to communicate with each other as media and other propaganda systems try to force us to focus on their current debates.  They impose the agenda as historic […]